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GINAPlus is a free service for residents of Ginot Shomron and Neve Aliza, their family and friends.
Started in March 2002, GINAPlus extends the successful NAPLUS service, allowing GINA residents and
their families to communicate with each other more easily, to keep up to date with community news and
activities and to place classified ads.

GINAPlus's Chat feature allows you to chat with anyone in the GINA Community. You may chat with your neighbours, your friends, your relatives abroad (and save lots of money on phone calls). You can join the general community chatroom or create your own private chatrooms for chatting in smaller groups, or even hold private one-on-one chats.

GINAPlus will be conducting online chat forums with different speakers from within and out the community on different topics, like "Ask the Rabbi Online" on halachic issues etc.

Various groups may form their own chat groups, such as the Women's League, Bnei Akiva, the Shul Board, the Daf Yomi Shiur, etc. The idea is to get people talking to each other and have fun.

GINAPlus Messages
GINAPlus Messages extends the current NAPLUS functionality allowing you to send email messages to everyone in the GINA community.

GINAPlus Messages does not use Yahoo Groups - it is GINAPlus' very own mail server and is thus more secure and less prone to hacking and spam mail. No more annoying Yahoo adverts and cryptic headers.

You may define filters to filter mail sent to you and you may view the archive of emails sent in the past.

GINAPlus provides up-to-date news on community events, activities, shiurim, times of tefila, candle lighting, kri'at shma, weekly shul announcements etc. GINAPlus also has the complete Ginot/Neve Aliza telephone directory online.

Members of GINAPlus may post classified ads, personal or business - free of charge.

In short, to keep your finger on the GINA pulse, GINAPlus is your source.